Registered Nurse/Director of Medical Services - Bilingual Juntos (2747)

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Location: Primary location is in Voorhees NJ will be traveling to all Juntos sites
Job Type/Status: Full Time

Position Summary

Center For Family Services is seeking a Registered Nurse for the Director of Medical Services position within our Juntos program. The Registered Nurse/ Director of Medical Services supervises all components of the medical department to include the Licensed Practical Nurses and Medical Assistants/Coordinators; and reports to the Associate Vice President of Juntos Program. The position requires Communication and collaboration with the pediatric physician to obtain technical assistance in the implementation of medical services.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensures proper operation and compliance of Juntos Medical Clinic located at Egg Harbor  Township. Ensures compliance with all federal, state and local health departments regulations such as: CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments) and VFC  (Vaccine for Children) program Certifications.
  • Collaborates and coordinates services with the contracted Pediatric Physician to obtain technical assistance in performing medical services.
  • Implements and oversees direct orders from the licensed health care provider regarding  medical services and procedures for UAC in care
  • Administers specialty medication or intravenous fluids, provides counsel UAC on proper wound care, observes UAC charting and reporting changes in UAC's condition, and  implements medical safety plans accordingly.
  • Tracks all UAC Portal medical data and UAC medical files, ensures proper immunization  schedules are used in accordance with ORR, DHHS, and TVFC policies and procedures and ensures the timely reporting of medical incidents (e.g., SIRs, HHSC SIR reports).
  • Tracks and ensures specialized services such as vision and dental treatment,  psychological, psychiatric, family planning, and emergency care are provided to UAC. - Acts as the point of contact with ORR Medical Team.
  • The RN Director of Medical Services remains on call 24/7 for all medical related issues/emergencies.
  • Ensures weekend back up system and part time nurse are on call
  • Supervises Licensed Practical Nurses and Medical Assistants/Coordinators.- Supports medical staff in overseeing all medical appointments, completion of the weekly  spreadsheets, monthly and quarterly reports
  • Ensures completion of TAR's and TB supplemental.
  • Coordination of the provision of initial physicals by a licensed physician or network of  Physicians through collaborative agreements and consistent relationship building and  follow up.
  • Ensures a seamless medical department with consistent logs, paperwork and procedures  and informs management of needs goals and problems. Preparation and revision of  medical department documentation.
  • Timely reporting of medical incidents (e.g., SIRs, IRs, HHSC reports) - Preparation of immunization records for County Health Department audits, Office of  Refugee Resettlement audits.
  • Ensures services are expedited by ensuring a physical screening is provided to UAC
  • Maintains relationships with local providers, pharmacies, as well as with ORR and DHHS.
  • Arrange or partners with other health professionals regarding health and safety standards  for out of home childcare and childcare licensing requirements 
  • Follows disease-reporting requirements for care providers, immunizations for children  and injury prevention for children. 
  • Connects with community health and mental health resources for children. - Attends weekly federal staffing meetings and reports on medical developments for the  children in care. 
  • Serves on the treatment team with therapists, case managers, and other designated staff. - Ensures health and safety of all residents including provision of initial physical  examination next working day, scheduling follow-up physical examinations by a  physician within ten days and obtaining of health history of all new admissions. - Administers physical examination, treatment or referral of all emergent health concerns  of residents in accordance with policies and procedures and standards of health care for  nurses. 
  • Provides life skills education in the areas of nutrition, hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases, infection control, and other health related topics. 
  • Provides individual counseling on health-related issues with identified youth. - Coordinates appointments with medical and psychiatric consultants, ensures all over the  counter and prescription supplies and medication are on hand and correctly administered. - Explains medications to both residents and staff, such as side effects, reasons for the  medications, etc. 
  • Prepares and implements a comprehensive health plan to ensure that each resident's  medical, dental, and other health needs are being met adequately and promptly. - Completes Medical Documentation with necessary information. 
  • Administers appropriate medications to residents-only prescription medication when  authorized by physician. 
  • Ensures that the First Aid Kit is fully stocked at all times with necessary medical  supplies. 
  • Disposes of old medications, according to facility's policies and procedures.
  • Provides health groups and training to residents and staff.

General Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

  • Displays professional demeanor in all interactions with children, adults, and families  served, as well as colleagues, and/or community members.
  •  Provides outstanding customer service in all Agency interactions. 
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills including, but not limited to,  advanced knowledge of English and any other required languages (i.e. meaning and  spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar). 
  • Strong intercultural competency awareness and skills required as well as commitment to  expanding personal and collective knowledge and sensitivity. 
  • Shows consistent initiative in all position responsibilities including but not limited to,  identifying areas of needed improvement, problem solving, and implementing innovative  solutions. 
  • Exercises effective time management skills including, but not limited to, organizing and  prioritizing work in order to meet deadlines. 
  • Possesses the ability to effectively use technological tools and platforms in order to complete their work functions efficiently. Including, but not limited to, proficiency in:  Microsoft Windows and corporate network resources, Required software and systems including, but not limited to, electronic client  record keeping and payroll systems, etc., Gmail and additional web-based email services, The use of the internet in order to research and perform other tasks related to  position, The use of basic office equipment (i.e. landline and smart phones, copier, fax  machine), 
  • Possesses the ability to complete mathematical analysis and operations including, but not  limited to, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 
  • Utilizes a working knowledge in recognizing and evaluating suicidal or homicidal  ideation in order to protect individuals and families served from self-harm or harming  others. 
  • Demonstrates knowledge of surrounding community challenges and best practice  research-oriented solutions and the ability to utilize this knowledge to affect changes in  the lives of our children, adults and families served.


  • Bachelor's degree in Nursing (BSN)
  • Licensed Registered Nurse in the State of New Jersey
  • One-Two years experience working within child welfare with children and/or adolescents in a social service setting or hospital
  • Bilingual in Spanish/English writing and speaking

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